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405 England St.
Ashland, Virginia

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Welcome to TrainTown CrossFit!!

Thank you for visiting Ashland, Virginia's first and only premier CrossFit facility located just this side of the tracks at 405 England St. in the Ashland Town Center shopping mall. We are small but mighty as a new affiliate, but we aim to grow into the most effective and efficient box possible. With your membership, we will flourish and so will you. Let us help get you signed up for our next 2-week introductory "On-Track" class.

Our goal is simple - to improve the health, wellness, and fitness of anyone willing to walk through the doors.

Our methodology is simple - get to work.

Our results are simple - you will get out of it what you put into it.

Are you an athlete wanting to improve your strengths and your weaknesses? Are you tired of sitting on the couch wasting away? Do you not like what you see in the mirror? Are you looking for a purpose in life that just doesn't currently exist? Is your current workout regimen no longer producing results, or maybe even breaking your body down? If so, you have come to the right place.

This is not your typical gym. We, meaning you, get real results in a hurry. There is no fluff in our stuff. We will only take credit for giving you the guidance, the facility, and the equipment to find your best self yet. The rest is yours to earn. In that, you will come out with a sense of pride and accomplishment knowing what you did was true. Day after day, you will attack your weaknesses, overcome obtacles, and destroy limitations - or what we call "fight for yours" - life that is.

TrainTownCrossFit is ready to partner with you to start a journey into a world of fitness you likely have never ventured before. Regardless of your age, fitness level, physical limitations, or even your best excuses, we are confident that our program can work for you. From weight loss, to lean muscle mass, to significant strength and conditioning improvements, TrainTown CrossFit is dedicated to finding your inner desire to be better everyday. What is CrossFit you ask? Click here.

Navigate our site and get the information you need to sign up today. We look forward to you walking through our doors.

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